A Sign Of Destiny

Session X

Frist Recorded Session (What Number Session ?)

Dorian opened with the groups new assignment; to find Quincy Tait.
Quincy Tait is a well-known changeling thief as well as the head of a small criminal organisation.
He has stolen a precious item from the Dragonmarked Houses. So far no-one has been able to give details about what was stolen.

After navigating the twisting streets of Sharn found a friend in the tavern Mermaids Embrace by the name of Half-Elf (Name Needed) who directed them to the cess pit known as “The Stuffed Beholder”. Where they met the warforged bartender Marrick. (and Clover his Fiendish Dire Weasel)

After over hearing (possibly mistakenly) activities occurring in various cities, (Cite Mentioned Cities) there was a bar fight.

There were three Factions involved in this Fight:
The Dragonmarked Enforcers assisted by the guard
Quincy Tait’s Lieutenants assisted by Elfish mercenaries
And Dwarves
The Characters managed to sway the dwarves to assist them and defeat the lieutenants before their escape

The lieutenants knight Megan Swiftblade and Psion Who’s-a-ma-gigga Whatshisname (insert Real Name) were captured and interrogated

After interrogating the suspects found out that Quincy was hiding out in a safe house in Zarash’ak and are heading there now via the Lightning Rail

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